what we do
We do supply ,install and service boilers, Burners, Air Compressors, Valves, Steam traps and all other equipments related to Steam & Compressed Air Generation and commercial refrigeration. Read more
Economy and enviroment
Amongst the turnkey cogeneration project that we have a preference for the exploitation of biomass so as to complement / subsidize energy input in most agro based factories.we also undertake pipeline installation and servicing.Cogeneration is obviously an energy provision option worth serious consideration. Read more
Our brands
we are the sales and service center agents in East African region and beyond for reputed manufacturers such as Cochran Boilers,Ozen compressors,Waaree Instruments,Italpump of Italy,Hamworthy Combustion of UK,
Ayvaz,Belomat,Ross Boilers,Balkrisha & Armstrong.
Our products
we offer a variaty of high quality boilers.
Gas and oil burners
we stock air compressors for home use and for companies.
Pipeline ancilary and valves
we install and service engineered pipiline ancilary and valves.
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